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    Books for QlikView

      Hi all,

      Is there any books available for QlikView Development?



      Kaung Myat Tun

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          According to my investigation, there are five books available currently.


          1. QlikView11 From The Inside

               The only QlikTech-authorized guide to QlikView 11 written by McGraw-Hill Osborne Media. This book is not yet published currently but you can place reservation in Amazon.


          2. Practical QLIKVIEW

               This book is written by Mark O'Donovan and it is updated for QlikView 11. It is Kindle support e-book. You can find and buy from Amazon.


          3. Hello QlikView

               This is written by Anamica, Jason & Luca and it is an introduction of QlikView. Some kind of grammar mistakes become problems for readers. This is too Kindle e-book and available at Amazon.


          4. QlikView for Enterprises

               This is written by Rajendran, UNITED STATES. It mainly focuses on architecture and conceptual aspects required for enterprise deployment.


          5. BI入門(BI Introduction to Medical Industry)

               This book is written in Japanese and first Japanese book of QlikView introduction. It foucses on basic knowledge and introduction of QlikView from the view point of Medical Industry.



          Kaung Myat Tun.

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              Ralf Becher



              I just want to add "QlikView 11 for Developers" which will be released tomorrow:




              This is a "must read" for my opinion with a lot of practical code examples for the developers everyday challenges.


              - Ralf

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                  Barry Harmsen

                  https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6795646/QlikFix/QlikView11ForDevelopersBook/QlikView11ForDevelopersBook.pngThe book is available!



                  QlikView 11 for Developers

                  (Packt Publishing, ISBN: 978-1849686068)

                  This book was authored by Mike García and Barry Harmsen and has a foreword by QlikTech's Donald Farmer. Technical review was provided by Ralf Becher, Steve Dark and Stephen Redmond.


                  With over 500 pages of original content, QlikView 11 for Developers offers a completely practical and hands-on guide to learning both basic and advanced QlikView development concepts. The book follows a practical case based on a fictional company; HighCloud Airlines. This case evolves throughout the book, developing your QlikView skills step by step while gradually building a complete QlikView solution.


                  Topics covered in the book include:


                  • Using script to load and transform data, and best practices for keeping everything manageable
                  • Data modeling, and how to overcome common modeling challenges
                  • Styling and designing your applications
                  • Advanced aggregations and expressions
                  • Point-in-time reporting and achieving complex calculations using Set Analysis
                  • Best practices for setting up a scalable data architecture
                  • Securing your data with Section Access
                  • Time-saving techniques for making your QlikView development more efficient.


                  All example and solution files are Personal Edition enabled. This means that anyone with the free, personal edition of QlikView can pick up the book and start learning how to develop QlikView applications. There is no need to invest in software beforehand.


                  QlikView 11 for Developers is available in both paperback and ebook versions, and can be purchased online through Packt (paperback + ebook), Amazon (Paperback - Kindle), Barnes & Noble and many other places.







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                Discovering Qlikview
                by Meers, Gottfried, and Roberts  ©2012  (according to Meers' LinkIn page, released either Oct 12th or Nov 10th)



                B&W:   0-7414-7900-1   $21.95 (ISBN-13: 978-0741479006)
                Color:   0-7414-7901-X   $51.95

                Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5' x 0.9"', 342 pages

                Contents description from the Infinity Publishing website:


                "Discovering QlikView offers a detailed review of the QlikView technology in a readable format. Unlike other technical books it provides concepts, scenarios and in-depth descriptions of the key aspects of QlikView. This book covers the basics, but also includes more advanced topics making it an ideal resource for anyone seeking to learn or better understand QlikView. The authors' experience designing and developing not only QlikView solutions, but also a wide variety of solutions with other data analysis products provide key insights into how QlikView is different from other technologies and how QlikView's strengths can be best utilized. This book also provides many tips and steps for how to create QlikView documents that include advanced functionality. While many screen shots are included the focus has been on explaining the features and functions thoroughly. Many segments of expression and script syntax are also provided. While many screen shots are included the focus has been on explaining the features and functions thoroughly. Many segments of expression and script syntax are also provided.


                Tom Meers, Troy Gottfried and Joe Roberts are principal consultants and technology instructors with decades of experience in business intelligence and data analytics. They provide consulting and training services in the areas of data warehousing and business intelligence. Their firm is a leading provider of QlikView technology, consulting and training in North America. The authors hold a variety of industry certifications including certification as QlikView instructors and enjoy a very close relationship with QlikTech, Inc."

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                  I just got access to the eBook and downloadable code for this new publication.  (Hopefully the hard copy will arrive soon!)  The information below is from the Packt website.


                  QlikView for Developers Cookbook9733EN_cov[1].jpg



                  Book Details

                  Language : English

                  Paperback : 290 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]

                  Price:  $44.99 print, $26.99 eBook

                  Release Date : June 2013, Packt Publishing

                  ISBN : 1782179739

                  ISBN 13 : 9781782179733

                  Author(s) : Stephen Redmond

                  Topics and Technologies : All Books, Cookbooks, Enterprise


                  What you will learn from this book

                  • Use QlikView charts to create more advanced visualizations
                  • Layout your screen and use different color schemes
                  • Get to grips with set analysis
                  • Use Total and AGGR for advanced aggregations
                  • Use macros to perform advanced tasks
                  • Overcome data modelling challenges
                  • Use some of the most useful functions in QlikView
                  • Write great script
                  • Improve the performance of your application
                  • Secure your application

                  In Detail

                  QlikView has been around since 1993, but has only really taken off in recent years as a leader in the in-memory BI space and, more recently, in the data discovery area. QlikView features the ability to consolidate relevant data from multiple sources into a single application, as well as an associative data model to allow you to explore the data to a way your brain works, state-of-the-art visualizations, dashboard, analysis and reports, and mobile data access.
                  QlikView for Developers Cookbook builds on your initial training and experiences with QlikView to help you become a better developer. This book features plenty of hands-on examples of many challenging functions.
                  Assuming a basic understanding of QlikView development, this book provides a range of step-by-step exercises to teach you different subjects to help build your QlikView developer expertise.
                  From advanced charting and layout to set analysis; from advanced aggregations through to scripting, performance, and security, this book will cover all the areas that you need to know about.
                  The recipes in this book will give you a lot of the information that you need to become an excellent QlikView developer.


                  The recipes in this Cookbook provide a concise yet practical guide on how to become an excellent QlikView developer. The book begins with intermediate level recipes and then moves on to more complex recipes in an incremental manner.

                  Who this book is for

                  This book is for anyone who has either attended QlikView Developer training or has taught themselves QlikView from books or online sources. You might be working for a QlikView customer, partner, or even QlikView themselves (or want to!) and want to improve your QlikView skills.
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                      This book is already available on Safari Books. I read through it today.




                      "QlikView 11 for Developers" covers a lot of what this book does. I think "QlikView 11 for Developers" is a little better for learning QlikView IMHO. I just wish someone would write a comprehesive book on advanced aggregation and set analysis. Most books just cover this stuff at a high level and leaves you searching all over the Internet, and asking lots of questions for more information. As a fairly new user those two items seem to be the thing I spend a lot of time on trying to get right.

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                          I agree about "QlikView 11 for Developers" being better for learning.  The Cookbook appears to be mainly a collection examples of adaptable basic tasks.  It doesn't seems to be so much about learning the mindset of QlikTech.  Its more like getting Lego building blocks instead of a 3D Printer.


                          One think I definitely like about "QlikView for Developers Cookbook" is the heavy use of Inline loads for the sample data.  That's different from so many of the sample apps included here on QlikTech's Community.  The Community samples tend to reference external datasources and use psuedocode.  So those examples don't run when you paste them into a new experimental app.  Unfortunately, if you're looking for samples, you probably will have some frustration getting the sample running.


                          I like having samples where you don't have to spend all that time just getting them to RUN before you can experimnt to see what breaks it.


                          Speaking of samples, I downloaded the 876MBs of ZIPped samples for Barry Harmsen's "QlikView 11 for Developers" too.  Guess I won't have time for watching Big Bang Theory re-runs for a while!

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                        Does anyone offer the Hello Qlikview book in paperback/hard copy?  I only see the ebook for kindle or Ipad.  Thanks.