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    sales graph relative to total

    gidon david


      enclosed is a model  sup123.qvw

      the graph show the sales  of  products by  yearmonth and by supplier

      i want to add another line or point  , to show the total of the sales 

      so we can see the suppliers ver Total



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          Hi Gidon


          I don't think what you wamt to do is possible without amending your script.


          try adding this into your script under the table you have loaded..

          Don't forget to give your original table a name (I have used "Fact" in this script).





          Load YearMonth,

                     sum(Sales) as Sales

          resident Fact

          group by YearMonth;



          Left Join (totals)

          Load YearMonth,

                     'Total Sales' as Supplier

          Resident totals;



          Concatenate (Fact)

          Load *

          Resident totals;



          Drop Table totals;

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            Also to make the graph look nicer remember to check the Log Scale box in the Axis tab of the properties.