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    changing object transparency thru macro

      Hello All,

          I am wanting to try something different.  I'm using some nice graphic images as a selection to show different objects on a sheet.  I would like to have a macro that would make the transparency of the other images to 50%, like they weren't selected when you click on one of the images.  Can this be done?  I have been looking in the API guide examples for the GetProperties, but it doesn't show all the different property settings and syntax eg. Title.BGColor or Layout.Text.  Is there something out there that I can reference to accomplish this?  Here is an example situation:  If I want to manipulate the background color of a text box, would it start like obj.BGColor = ??  or obj.Layout.bgColor = ?? or obj.Transparency = 50.  I have done this with other BI tools that have a nice GUI to assist you through the syntax, but now I would like to learn it in QV.


      I appreciate any assistance you can provide