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    Checking Client Versions through Session Log



      I'd like to verify that all active QlikView users are using the correct client version. The QlikView Ops Monitor (v9, v10) handily provide a report, "Client Versions by User" which displays the "Exe Version" field from the sessions log file.


      But... if I look in Help\About in my client, it shows version 10.00.9277.8 SR4. The entry in the session log file for my most recent session shows 10.00.9061.0409.10. Just to throw salt in the wound, the 'Product Version' of the QV.Exe is File version is 10.0.9277.8.


      How is it that the session log shows 10.00.9061.0409.10?  (Exe Type RLS64, Client Type "Windows Exe" if that helps).


      All sessions show the same Exe Version. The Client Build Version differs (8715, 9061, 9277, 9282, 11154, 11282).


      What's the best way to really tell what version each client is running?