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    Combining two variables

      Hello All,


      I am trying to work out a metric where I need to derive a level based on two different scores. The first metric IR, receives a point value 1-60. The second metric, AHT, receives a point value 1-40. Then we combine both of these point values to derive a Productivity Score. After getting the productivity score we give a Level 1-5. I have been able to work out the combined productivity score by setting it up as a variable, but I have not been able to get the level. I have attached a sample of Qlikview for futher details.




      AHT = 525

      AHT Points= 36.34



      IR Points= 60


      Productivity Score = 36.34 + 60= 96.34


      Productivity Level = 5



      Thank you for all of your time.