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    Dimension depencence in expresions



      I'm trying to do an expresion that calculates the cuantity of something in this month divided by the Average of the three last month for every month.

      I put the month as dimension (Calendarmonth) and that expresion :


      count(lines)/((count(<{Calendarmonth={ ">=$(=AddMonths(MonthStart(max(Calendardate)),-3))<=$(=AddMonths(monthend(Max(Calendardate)),-1))"}lines)/3).


      The problem is that if I put this expresion in a text field, the results are the expeted ones, but when I put the expresion in  graph, the results are not the expected cause the data I'm trying to count in the second part of the division is being affected by the dimension.


      There is any way to avoid that?