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    How can I calculate a logarithmic trend in QlikView?

    Ross Luciano

      I would like to be able to get a logarithmic trend line in a QlikView scatter chart (or any other type of chart like a straight table) like I can get in Excel.  For example, I want to get a logarithmic trend line on direct labor hours (Y axis) and sales (X axis) like this Excel chart.  The second chart below it I created using QlikView and with trendline Exponential, but as you will see, the curve is quite different.  QlikView does not have Logarithmic as a trendline option.


      The idea is we should gain labor efficiency as sales increases, so we want a line that is more like this Excel chart.  The trend line (direct labor hours) should increase as sales increases but then start to gradually level off or have a slight inclease (slope) to it.  I found some formulas that could simulate it in Excel using a formula like this =LINEST( LN(Known Y Values), LN(Known X Values)) as an array in Excel or a regular Excel formula =INDEX( LINEST( LN(C58:C65), LN(B58:B65)), 1).  The problem I'm having is there is not a LN function in QlikView.  I'm not strong at trigonometry so there may be another way to solve this using QlikView functions.  I have attached the sample data if anyone needs it.  Can anyone help me?


      Excel chart.jpg


      QlikView chart.jpg