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    Raw data table display

      Hi, I have below two tables which I am using to anaylze.


      NameCost per Lb in $.QtyExpiry DateBuy DateBuyer



      CropCost per Lb $QtyReserved for next yearProducerCountry of Origin


      I have created pivot cobinign aboveboth tables for my analysis (Fruit as well as Crops).


      But when I want to display raw data seperately for both the tables, QV is combining data from both tables because some fields *(like COst, QTY) are common.


      Any idea how easy to segreatge these data without using list box option?

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          rename the comon fields.


          qty as crop_qty

          cost as cost_qty


          qty as buy_qty

          cost as buy_qty


          use all the fields when combining data.

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            Mayil Vahanan Ramasamy



                 Try this,


                 Using qualify statement in script , you can able to display the raw data separately without map to the another table, but make sure that, you don't want to combine the tables for further.


            Qualify B;

            Load A,B from x.csv;

            Load A,B from y.csv;

            The two tables x.csv and y.csv are joined only on A. Three fields will result: A, x.B, y.B.


            Hope it helps

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              Created tableview from Chart type box and used set analysis method.


              Reason I used Set analysis is we have multiple DM type (if i can borrow variable name from earlier post).


              Now as of now it seems to be working. Thanks alot for the help.



              Lastest update- still facing some problems with two raw data tables. Some times they are becoming detached , hence don't take controls from slected listbox, didn't know it was possible. WIll update solution with correct method once I have solved the issue.

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                Any idea how to use GetFieldSelections in set analysis.


                I want to use setanalysis similar to below example


                = If(GetSelectedCount(Type-Listbox) = 0, Count({$<Type={Rice,Wheat,Oat,Barley}>},Type),



                But this bold part doesn't work because i can't include GerFieldSelections in Set Analysis.

                Thanks in advance for your help.

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                    Rahul Lakhina

                    Hi,   Try joining the two table using an artifical filed like Source in the file attached. This allows you to use the entier data set accross both tables and also lets you mantain the integrety of the individual tables.   Best of luck!  Regards  Rahul L

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                      by your bold text, it seems you want to count the amount of types not selected.


                      If this is the case:


                      Create Text boxes:


                      ='Total: ' & count({ 1<Name={'*'}> } distinct Name)



                      ='Selected: '& getSelectedCount(Name)

                      = 'Not Selected: ' & (count({ 1<Name={'*'}> } distinct Name) - getSelectedCount(Name))

                      to use functions on set analysis, put the function between  $(=    )


                      count the number of depts that a single employee is manager

                      count( { < Manager={ '=Only(Employee)' }  >  }  Dept)



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                      Thanks a lot for all the responses.


                      Sorry if I didn't put question clearly earlier.


                      I was trying to display taw data for both the tables Fruits and Crops in two seperate raw tables on qlikview dashboard.


                      In my inline data I added one extra field called Type. Type has value as 'Fruit' for fruits tables and 'Crop' for Crop Table.


                      I did that using set analysis because I wanted one table to display "Fruit" data and another to display "Crop".

                      For e.g. =COUNT({$<[Type] ={Fruit}>} Type)

                                  =COUNT({$<[Type] ={Crop}>} Type)


                      Now both tables are segregated and display only data for Fruits and Crops respectively.


                      Now if I put a listbox with value of "Type". Irrepsective of selction of listbox rawtable's value doesn't change.


                      For e.g. if I select only Type as "Fruit" , Crop Raw table doesn't become empty but continues showing Crop raw data.


                      If I add filters for rest of the fields, it works perfectly fine. But only Type listbox filter is ineefcetive because it is in set analysis.


                      Hence I was trying to do similar to below solution but it doesn't work


                      = If(GetSelectedCount(Type) = 0, Count({$<Type={Crop}>},Type), Count



                      Bold part in above equation never works. It can't get list of selected fields from list box. My expexctation was once it finds selected type is Fruit in listbox, above equeation will ensure nothing to be displayed on Crop raw table.


                      At present I have solved it by adding extra field "Type_1"(duplicate of Type) in my set analysis and keeping listbox for field "Type". It works.

                      For e.g. =COUNT({$<[Type_1] ={Fruit}>} Type_1)

                                  =COUNT({$<[Type_1] ={Crop}>} Type_1)



                      But I think adding extra field is not good solution. Any suggestion is appreciated.

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                          Qlikview is working EXACTLY as expected. As you have created 2 tables stating what type you want, it will ignore the selection you did on type. The table Will always show up no matter what. This is what you programmed.


                          If sometimes you want one and sometimes you want others and sometimes you want both, why not have only 1 table with the Field type on it and turn on the dropdown feature for this Field? Than you Will be able to filter inside the tabel what set of data you want to see.


                          If you want to compare, you may have a look at the new feature on Qlikview 11, called Alternate States.




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                          Hi Adriano,


                          Thanks a lot for the response, as you confirmed my theory in your response.

                          Hence in worst case if I need to show two diffrent raw tables with common keys, I will try to duplicate key field for set analysis.


                          Below statement was really helpful.



                          Qlikview is working EXACTLY as expected. As you have created 2 tables stating what type you want, it will ignore the selection you did on type. The table Will always show up no matter what. This is what you programmed.


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                            Re: Raw data table display  


                            Probably i am missing someting but why do you not use Type as dimension?



                            It was already part of dimension. But this isssue si reoslved for me now.