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    "Not equal to" syntax

    Dominic Elfick

      Hi, sorry I am a complete newbie and I am sure this is a really simple question.


      In my data set I would like to identify all the accounts that are not "active".

      I can count all the active accounts by looking at those accounts which have active contacts using the following syntax:

      count ( {<[Contact Status]={'Active'}>} distinct ACCOUNTID)

      This works great!!


      However if I try to do the opposite (contact activity status can be null, inactive, dormant or prospect) using the following syntax:

      count ( {<[Contact Status]<>{'Active'}>} distinct ACCOUNTID)

      I am told that there is an error (wiggly line under the <> and nothing is returned.


      I am sure this is blindingly obvious but I have spent an hour or so on it now and I am about to start sticking needles in my eyes to cheer myself up


      Thanks for any help.