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    RemoveHTML not working in QV API

      Hi community,


      I have some QV code from a demo document and I tried to copy a portion of it to a document on my system.  The code is RemoveHTML and it doesn't "turn blue" except for in the parent demo document.  Any ideas why this is or what I can do?

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          Here's an example:



          RemoveHTML(TextBetween(TextBetween(YahooKeyStatsText, 'Market Cap (intraday)',''),'<td class="yfnc_tabledata1">','</td>')) as [Valuation: Market Cap - RAW],

          RemoveHTML(TextBetween(TextBetween(YahooKeyStatsText, 'Enterprise Value',''),'<td class="yfnc_tabledata1">','</td>')) as [Valuation: Enterprise Value - RAW],


          What might the document have different to allow this?