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    My % Performance Calculation is not accumulating correctly

      Hi everyone.


      I'm trying in vain to produce a calculation on Sales data as per the following details:


      The % performance calculation in the attached QlikView application is not accumulating the way I want it to.  The application shows sample data with Sales values, Target values, a Performance calculation (Sales - Target) and a % Performance calculation (Sales/Target). I have 'Full Accumulation' selected on the first 3 calculations and 'No Accumulation' on the % Performance Calculation. This produces a Daily % Performance value as expected.  However, what I want to do is produce an accumulated % value.  For example, for day 3 the % Performance should be 180/187=96.25%.  It is displaying as 80% (chart 1), which is the % Performance for day 3 with no accumulation.  If I switch on 'Full Accumulation' for the % Performance it displays as 294.35% (chart 2).


      Can someone advise me on what calculation I need to use to produce what I am looking for.


      Thanks & regards,