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    n Month average with multiple dimensions in straight table

      Hi all,


      I need to make a summary table that calcalate the 3 months average with mulitple diminsions in straight table is as below:



      DateRegionA3 Month Avg(A)(Explaination)
      2011/11A217.972.6(0 + 0 + 217.9)/3
      2011/12A275.6164.5(0 +217.9 + 275.6)/3
      2012/01A457.8317.1(217.9 + 275.6 + 457.8)/3
      2012/05A0278.3( 477.1 + 357.7 + 0)/3
      2012/06A0119.2( 357.7 + 0 + 0)/3


      I got the Date, Region and A and I need to calculate the average of A (3 Month Avg(A)). I have make a explaination column in the above example to make it clear what i want to do.


      As it is multiple dimensions, I cannot use rangesum & above and i tried to use aggr but no joy. Also, by input a int, it can calculate any month avg, so..I cannot hard code the formula just calculate 3 months..


      Please kindly help.


      Best Regards,