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    Can you Append CSV files in Qlickview

      Hello, I would like some help with a little issue I am having. Not sure if this can be done.



      I have a csv file generated every week by an automated process. I want to load this data into Qlikview on a weekly basis, but rather than manipulating the raw file, I would like to append the new data into what is already loaded in my Qlikview file so that I start to build the data repository for some reporting.


      What I have tried:

      Buffer (Incremental) load






      (txt,codepage is 1252,no labels, delimiter is ',',msq)


      However, when I do reload the data with the above script, it just overwrites it. Initial file is 30 line, I would expect on the next load to be 60, but it remains at 30.


      Any ideas on how or where I am going wrong?


      Many thanks.