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    Pivot Chart- Calculation time when using Variables to hide Dimensions

      Hi all. I have a Pivot Chart where the dimensions are calculated depending on whats in a variable e.g. 'when Variable1='1' then Dimension1, when Variable1='2'  then Dimension2' etc etc. This works correctly.

      My issue is with the calculation time. If the user changes the variable from say 1 to 2 it takes quiet along time for the table to refresh. It currently says in the Sheet properties that the calculation time for the chart is '9641'. Which i presume is a lot?


      Before i added the calculated dimension it worked perfectly.  Whats confusing me even more is that when i actually just move the Pivot Chart from one position on the sheet to another (a simple drag) the table refreshes / reloads.

      Is there some setting i can turn off to stop this refresh constantly happening? Or make the Pivot Chart more efficient?


      thanks in advance