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    expression issue

    Jose Tos

      Hi, I need help to solve this problem:


      This expression in a text object returns th max date wich exists data of Group

      =max({<Group-={''}>} %Date)


      But if I use that as a calculate dimension in my chart, doesn´t work I don´t know why


      =if(GetSelectedCount(%Date) <= 0, max({<Group-={''}>} %Date), %Date)




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          Johannes Sunden

          You'll likely need to aggr() this over some field value.

          For example, if you have multiple %Date values for your expression, which one should show?

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              Jose Tos

              Hi Johannes


              Sorry but I don´t know if I understand your point.

              If I use %Date as dimension, my dimension will show me in the chart all the possible dates, doesn´t matter if is one or a lot. If I select a %Date, will show me that date in every rows, but if I want the maximum date when there is no date selected, I need to calculate my dimension %Date to get this behavior and that´s what I´m trying.


              =if(GetSelectedCount(%Date) <= 0,

              //No dates selected, is the initial state, no filters.


              then max({<Group-={''}>} %Date),

              //Get max(%Date) where a Group exists, I think that this returns only a date. This is what you were referring before?It´s unknown what Date must be returned??


              else %Date)

              //dimension %Date, all the values


              I need to use aggr(max({<Group-={''}>}%Date),Group,%Date)   ???

              I can´t try it right know, that´s why I´m asking for instead trying and telling you if it works.