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    Rolling average - partly Cummulative- in a chart.

      Hi. I'm having trouble creating a chart which has a rolling average in it.

      The graph only shows the selected year.


      I have a monthnumber ( rowno() ) assigned to my datetable. This field is MonthNumber.


      The formula:


      sum({ Year=, Quarter=, Month=, MonthNumber={">= $(=Max(MonthNumber)-11) <= $(=Max(MonthNumber)-0)"}>} Amount)/

      sum({ Year=, Quarter=, Month=, MonthNumber={">= $(=Max(MonthNumber)-0)"}>} OtherAmount)


      Now, I got this formula to work to diplay the current month only in a table without a dimension.

      But not rolling in a graph.


      The working formula to only show this month is:



      sum({< Year=, Quarter=, Month=, MonthNumber={">= $(=Max(MonthNumber)-11) <= $(=Max(MonthNumber))"}>} GL_Amount_Credit-GL_Amount_Debit)


      // Capital Employed


      sum( {< Year=, Quarter=, Month=, MonthNumber= {$(#=Max(MonthNumber)-0)} >} GL_Amount_Debit-GL_Amount_Credit)

      +sum( {<Year=, Quarter=, Month=, MonthNumber= {$(#=Max(MonthNumber)-0)} >} Begsal_Debet-Begsal_Credit)





      Can anyone provide me with the correct formula for the graph?

      Asuming a dimension YearMonth (201001, 201002).