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    Visual cues not working

      Hi all,


      Hope you can help.

      Within a straight table, we can change the backgroud of a cell based on 'Visual cues',  great for highlighting ares of interest in a table. However, in each cell I don't just have a number (say field1) I also have a freq


      =avg(field1) & '(' & count(field1) & ')'

      From the above two expressions, I am able to use visual cues for the first but not the second.


      Is there any way around this as I really want to include the freq within each cell.





        • Re: Visual cues not working
          Stefan Wühl

          Visual cues only work with expression that return numericals. Your second expression is returning a string.


          But you can use a background color attribute expression (click on the small plus sign next to your expression in expression tab) and enter as defiition something like


          =if(avg(field1) < 0, lightred() )


          i.e. you must create an expression that returns a color (can also be created using rgb() or argb() functions).


          Hope this helps,