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    sum of top 5



      I have data representing the Sales by Products, by Companies.

      I would like to create a chart to show for each Product total Sales made by top 5 Companies for that specific Product. Also I would like to calculate and display the percentage that total Sales made by top 5 Companies represent out of total Sales for that product (all Companies).


      ProductSales Top 5 CompaniesTop5/Total
      Product A150025%
      Product B300010%
      Product C800080%
      Product D20003%


      Please can you help with correct expressions for the chart columns?


      The expression i have used for Sales Top5 Companies is sum( {$<Company>={"rank(aggr(sum(Sales),Company))<=5"}>} Value) but as far as I could see is correct only if single Product is selected.




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          If you have a sum expression you can use dimension limits, you can set the limitation to select the top 5 or top 10 or bottom 5 etc, in QV 11 you can be even more specific. this will produce the answers you are looking for.


          Hope this helps?


          Thanks Steve

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              Hi Steve, thanks for the reply.


              Client wants a chart such as in my previous example, in order to be able to depict products for which more than 80% of the sales are made by only 5 companies.

              I've tried to use dimension limits but in this case I am only able to display value of sales for each  company from top5 but I cannot calculate the percentage ( sales made by top5 companies/ sales made by all companies)


              I hope I was able to explain more clear what I need.