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    Macro with GetDocBookmarkNames on SBE?



      I posted this question already in the Deployment-Server-Area but it came to my mind that the ones who know might read in this section. I am sorry for the doublepost. (Maybe it might be an improvement to allow a post to be existing in several sections.


      I have a document which contains a macro using the function ActiveDocument.GetDocBookmarkNames to retreive the list of bookmarks and writes it to a variable which defines the dropdownlist for an inputbox. This works perfectly on desktop, and also on the Access Point using the IE-Plugin.


      But: It doesn't work when the customer opens it in his Accesspoint. Our server where I developed and tested it has an Enterprise license, but the customer has only the Small Business Edition.


      Doesn't ActiveDocument.GetDocBookmarkNames work in the Accesspoint on SBE? Is this considered as Server Object or something similar?


      Thanks a lot in advance,