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    vlookup style calculation required

    Chirag Chhatralia



      am trying to get a specfic value to appear in a text object.  My data is as follows


      Date,  Working Day, Total Work Days

      2/7/12,     1,     22

      3/7/12,     2,     22

      4/7/12,     3,     22

      5/7/12,     4...


      and so it continues to the end of the month giving the working day.


      I don't have a problem displaying the total working days i.e. 22; however how do I display today's working day?  (If I was using Excel it would simply be =(VLOOKUP(today(),A1:Cxx,2.FALSE).)  Is it possible to do something similar in my Qlikview doc?


      Thanks in advance.