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    Tricky questions about set analysis



      I have loaded two tables, Table A & Table B. (Table A & B are not directly linked)

      In table A, there are columns A1, A2, A_Year

      In table B, there are columns B1, B2, B3, B_Year

      And then I have one sheet, where I have added a multi box, with fields A1 & A2.

      Then I created a bar chart, using A_Year as dimension, and in the expression field, I used set analysis to check whether B1=P(A1) and B2=P(A2)


      The syntax is like this: count({<B1= P([A1]), B2= P([A2])>} B3)


      The tricky part for me is that B1 has more values than A1, and B2 has more values than A2. So with the above expression, the overall count of B table is not correct. Is there anyway to capture all the rows in B, instead of dropping the unique values in table B?