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    Memory usage limit of QVB.exe or QV.exe on Windows Server 2003 X 64 SR2

      IS there a memory usage limit set on QVB.exe or QV.exe when it is published? One of our application used to run fine on QV-9 and as the application is awefully huge it took a lot of memory while published using QV 9. However, after upgrading to QV 11 that document has not reloaded sucessfully even once. Tasks hangs up around after utilizing 58 GB of RAM  while publishing. Is there any such restriction under QV 11 publisher management console or this can be a Windows server setting? Thanks for your help.

      We are using

      Windows Server SR2 X 64 bit

      16 cores

      256 GB RAM

      QV 11 SR1 (11282)