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    Inserting country flags in report

      Hi All,

      I have a straight table which has sales figures for almost 100 countries. I want to insert the image of their national  flags in front of the respective countries. Is there any way of doing it?




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          Johannes Sunden

          Hi Anirban,


          Sure can. You can use Bundle load to include the images in the .qvw file and load them like this for example:



          bundle info load


               'Images\Flags\Png\'&CountryCode&'.png' as FilenameFlag

          resident CountryCodes;


          In this example I have a number of png images with the flags named after the country codes, like DE.png for Germany etc.


          Then in my straight table I can call the image related to the countrycode using this:


          ='qmem://CountryCode/' & CountryCode

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              Hi Johannes,


              Thanks for your reply but unfortunately its not working for me. Let me explain you my condition. I have a folder in which i have all the flags with their country code for eg- Germany - de.png. And i have a separate excel sheet in which i have the country code which is our company specific. For eg - GERMANY , ITALY..all in upper cases.


              So how do i go about it, so when i click on the country code specified in my list i can get the respective country flag?


              Quick suggestions will be really appreciated.