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    Pie chart, two dimensions one expression

      I have the following situation: My Expression is to count a number of calls.

      I Added a pie chart with the dimension of for example Neighbourhood.

      The pie chart is correct.

      Next I also want to add a Pie chart with the same expressions, but with a other dimension, for example Priority.

      Now you can make a new Pie chart with also one dimensions en the same expression.


      The question is, is it possible to make one pie chart, and change within this piechart from dimension (Neighbourhood or Prioriy)?? Because the expression can be maintained.

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          You could have two dimensions on a pie chart but it will look quite strange and won't be very clear. Basically it puts one pie chart inside the other.


          I suggest creating a cyclic group containing neighbourhood and priority as dimensions, and using that group as the dimension for your pie chart. If you need to show both sets of data on the same chart then a bar chart will be clearer than a pie chart with two dimensions. You might also consider a pivot table.