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    How to get the labels for fields in a group with macro



      I'm trying to create a macro that will export a group (name, type, fields, labels) in a excel.


      So far i have this :


      grupuri = ActiveDocument.GetGroups'iau grupurile din document



      for i = 0 to nrGrup - 1

      set gp = grupuri(i).GetProperties

      set fields = gp.FieldDefs



      msgbox fields.Count - 1'no of fields in group

      msgbox gp.Name 'name of the group

      msgbox gp.isCyclic'true dc e ciclic, false dc e drill-down



      for j = 0 to fields.Count - 1

      msgbox campuri(j).Name'name of the field




      I have to get the labels for each field. In the Qlikview API Guide i saw a Labels method for groups, but i didn't find an example on how to use it.


      Anybody has a clue about what i should do?


      Thanks in advance,