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    Reloading documents without publisher

      Hi guys,


      sorry, but I cannot work this out on my own:


      We are running QlikView Server 11 without a publisher license.


      I can see all the reload functionality on the Document Tab of the QlikView Management Console - but when I setup a task, nothing seems to happen.

      The Management Console does show a task for the reload, but the reload never seems to start. There are no log entries either.


      I have tried to execute the reload with "Reload now" on the Document tab, but it never finishes - no error message as well though.


      I am wondering if I am doing the right thing, as I read in the server/publisher documentation:


      7.8 Reload Engine

      In the absence of a Publisher license, the Reload Engine provides a subset of the Publisher distribution services. The Reload Engine only reloads user documents and the settings are defined directly in the user documents.


      So I tried to setup the reload within the document itsself (not through Management console) - same result - no error message, no action.


      Could someone explain to me what the right way to set this up would be? Server or document side?


      Thanks a lot in advance!!!