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    DSC Services stop by itself


      Hi all,

      I have some problem about QlikView Server 11 (SR1) - SBE because the DSC Service has stopped by itself.

      I am getting an error message



      7/10/2012 12:45:22.7785710Error(DSC.DirectoryFramework) setup path not successful for user 'Administrator' at 'LDAP://localhost': System.Exception: Setting up connection failed; The server is not operational.



         at ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider.CachedDirectoryEntryHolder.get_Entry()

         at ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider.GetDirectoryEntry(String path)

         at ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider.SetupPath(String _path, String _username, String _password)

         at DSC.DirectoryFramework.SetupResource(Guid id, String type, String path, String username, String password, IDictionary`2 newSettings)



      Please kindly help to adivce.


      Best Regards,


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          Charlie Zimmerman

          I too am getting that same error message in the DSC log file.  The DSC service says it is "disconnected" whenever we start and restart the services or when we reboot the server.  Although after about 5 or 10 minutes, the DSC server connects by itself.  We have tried changing the URL for this server from the server name to the IP Address to LocalHost, but nothing seems to fix the "disconnected" issue.  Does anyone know of how to fix this?



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            according to the log entry, your AD setting is invalid. See with your system admin if AD can be accessed through LDAP protocol and what is correct value (instead of localhost).