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    Get Set Analysis Expression In Select in Field Trigger



      I am trying to use Select in Field action trigger to select values equivalent to my set analysis expression. (see attached sample)


      1. For example, if my set analysis expression is count({<PCatID={1},ItemCode={101,102}>}Items) , I would use a button with the following actions:


      Button 1:



      Select in Field    Value

      PCatID                 1

      ItemCode             (101|102)


      This would give me the set analysis expression in current selections (except the count of Items - which is not as necessary).


      I am trying to use the same procedure for the following expression:


      Count((Aggr(if(only({<ITrans.PCatID = {1}>}ITrans.CreationDate)< Max({<ITrans.PCatID={2,3,4,5}>}ITrans.CreationDate),ITrans.ItemCode1),ITrans.ItemCode1)))


      Can I possibly use  something similar to create an action button for the  expression above?


      2. Use Select in Field To Compare With Variable


      Secondly, I have an expression that uses Select in Field trigger on ABC field  (which has values like 1.25, 4.56, 5.69,10.56,1.12,2.32,3.25....)

      In the Value field, I am using with a variable which holds the value of an expression (which is 5.56 or something like that). I tried using ='>$(vAvg)' and also using $(vAvg) but it does not work as desired. What is the correct syntax to use a greater than or less than variable as Value for Select in Field trigger.


      Please see the attached sample.


      Regards and Thanks,