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    unable to reload

      Hi everyone,

      I'm pretty new to server deployement.

      One of my client wish to reload document.

      And I 'd, like to know if a named CAL user can reload a document opened on server (SBE), if yes , how?

      I tried many things with the exemples documents (movie data base, etc....) and the reload icon is still off, do I have to download it locally first?


      the other way , may be to add a button on the document with a reload instruction within, what do you think?


      Wish you the best,


        • Re: unable to reload

          Hi Will,


          Are you able to clarify your requirement a little further, are you asking for a user to be able to reload from AccessPoint on the server or reload a document opened via the desktop QV developer and reload the a document?


          If you are asking whether you can reload documents as "as user" when the document is accessed through Accesspoint, the answer is no, this is not supported. Documents are reloaded via QlikView Server or Publisher via tasks, once the task is complete the reloaded/updated document is deployed back to Qlikview Server and the user accesses the lastest data.


          Certain applications won't reload if you they are not connected to a datasource like movies,  this document is a standalone document and not mean't to reload.


          Thanks Steve