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    calculation sum of values in graph

    perry van der meijden



      I have a table like:


      date      value1  value2

      1-1-12    12          1

      4-1-12    11          16

      7-1-12    17          12

      14-1-12    12          8



      With this table I want to create a graph with on the X-as the date and on the Y-axis value 1 and the sum of value 2 as a straight line. So if I make a graph from 1-1-12 to 14-1-12, I want to show value 37 (=1+16+12+8) as a horizontal line from 1-1-12 until 14-1-12.


      I've tried variables without success. Then I've calculated the sum of value2 in a textbox. The textbox contains the right value (37), but I can't get the value from the textbox into the graph.


      any other ideas???