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      In my head this seems like a simple problem, which I should be able to solve. Now I think I can do it in Loading, but was wondering if it would be better yto do it actually in QlikView.



      I have a table which contacts and ID and a List.


      What I need to know is which ID dont have a specific List:



      ID               List

      1               List 1

      2               List 1

      3               List 1

      1               List 2

      3               List 2

      1               List 3

      2               List 3

      3               List 3



      So basicaly I want to know which ID's dont have List 2 for eaxample (which would be ID 2 in the above example.


      I know I should be able to do a Group By in Loading to work it out, is that the best way or can it be done in QlikView?





        • Re: Grouping
          Stefan Wühl

          I think you can do this easily in the frontend, using the associative logic:


          You can select 'List 2' in a field 'List' list box and then use 'select excluded from the context menu in the field list box for field ID.


          Or use a textbox with a set expression:


          =concat ({<ID = e({<List = {'List 2'}>})>} distinct ID, ', ')