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    Major & Minor Unit In Chart X-Axis

    Anurag Bharat



      I need help in formatting the X Axis of a chart. Here is the table on which I am creating the chart.


      Here you can see every year has 4 entries, But in the below chart we are showing only one entry for each year.

      Using the above table I have created a chart in excel.


      Here in the chart you can see I have used major and minor units to hide 3 entries of each year. Only march month for each year is displayed in the chart axis and the june, sep, dec is shown as the minor unit. Now I am trying to do the same in Qlikview which is I am not able to do.


      I am trying to use a scroller to scroll through the years, but as you can see 2012 is repeating 4 times. Is it possible to show only the starting of each year in major unit and rest in minor unit. Please help