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    Weird behavior observed when cycle widget is added as one of the conditionally enabled/disabled dimensions



      I am trying to add a cycle widget as one of the chart dimensions which are conditionally enabled/disabled based upon a selection in the list box. However, I see weird qlikview behavior which is described in the attached prototype.



      In both the charts, InvoiceYearMonth is the first dimension. However, the second dimension (either ProductName, CyclicGroup or Tier) is switched based upon the selection in the listbox named "SELECT ME". Note that only one cyclic group is added (containing PBM and Plan) and no cyclic group is created for Products or Tiers.


      In the left chart, I added the CyclicGroup as a second dimension. In this case, the cycle widget is visible not only when 'Analysis by CyclicGroup' is selected but also gets visible on other dimensions !!



      In the right chart, I added the CyclicGroup as a third dimension(or fourth, doesn't matter) and the cycle widget disappears !!


      Is there any solution available where I can add cyclic group as a calculated dimension or a conditionally enabled/disabled dimension or would I need to create a separate chart ?