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    Help with Section Access

      Hi All,


      I am trying to implement section access in my Qlikview application. I found a document on Section Access which is posted on this community too. All I am seeing in that is we need to provide a list of users and their password through an inline or external database source.


      My requirement is a bit different. I want my application to have section access based on the windows username and password. Basically I want the user to open up a Qlivkiew document through an access point on a web browser (example IE) and that way there could be any system fields set up that could just take the username through IE and provide user with the required data. I don't want to maintain passwords or give it to my users. Qlikview should filter the data through username. 


      Thank you. I would really appreciate your response on this.

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          Rob Wunderlich

          Please read up on Section Access in the Qlikvew Ref Guide for your release. What you are asking for -- authentication and filtering based on Windows userid (NTNAME) -- is a standard feature of Section Access.



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              Thanks Rob. I am sorry, I couldn't figured it out before.

              I used the NTNAME and it works fine. Qlikview is verifying the credentials and filtering the data. The problem is with when I access through an access point (Internet Explorer), I am getting an error that file is corrupt and its not working for any user. Do you have any solution for this?