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    Tracing items back

    Jörg Hildebrandt

      Hello all,


      I have 2 tables, one is listing all item transactions with its entry numbers and the other one shows the corresponding

      application entries with inbound and outbound entries.


      Item Ledger Entry Table
      Entry No_Article No_Source No_TransactionDescriptionQuantity
      1252361003070408Purchasemy Article189.000,00
      12523810030 transit to location 1my Article-189.000,00
      12523910030 transit to location 1my Article189.000,00
      12731610030 transit to location 2my Article-189.000,00
      12731710030 transit to location 2my Article189.000,00
      1278111003010012Salesmy Article-24.000,00
      1278121003010012Salesmy Article-24.000,00
      1278181003010869Salesmy Article-10.000,00
      1278721003010027Salesmy Article-20.000,00


      Item Application Entry
      entryInbound Item Entry No_Item Ledger Entry No_Outbound Item Entry No_quantity


      My goal is to trace back my sales items to its origins. In this case, the entries 131513, 131514, 131520 + 131574 of the Item Application Entry table have their origin in Entry no 125236 in table Item Ledger Entry. Of course I have to link the tables, but I have no clue how to manage this multiple entry track back. Furthermore the number of movements (transfer to ...) shown in table Item Ledger Entry can be N (never a fix number).


      Does anybody have an idea ? Would this in general be possible ?


      I do attach the sample qvw.


      Thanks for your help.