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    Create Budget comparision on Customer/Article per month

      Hi all,


      The final solution will be to apply budget into our main Sales application.


      The presolution that I'm struggling with is as follow:


      1. Fact table 1 - Budget (from Excel sheet)

      * Customer

      * Article

      * BudgetAmount/year in exchange

      * BudgetAmount/year in pcs

      * Producttype (link)


      2. Fact table 2 - Faktor per month (from table T821V in SAP)

      * Producttype (link)

      * Month

      * Faktor


      So the result should be to divide the BudgetAmount/year i table 1 with the Faktor per month so that each article in table 1 has an BudgetAmount per month.


      Am I thinking correctly by creating an QVD file "Budget" from the figures above and then read this into the main Sales an compare it with actual sales?


      The current problem is to solve the the mapping of Fact table 2 into table 1. I have tried several joins but maybe I should make an expression to count up each article in table 1 for each month as a first step in order to map the faktor for each line?


      Regards Magnus