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    put before 12 months on a Selected Date from calendar in X-Axis

      HI ,

      I have a doubt:

      I ned to calulated a progress on a Date that user select by Calendar(i associate it to a a Variable vCUTOFFDATE).To calculate a progress on a Data i put in expression "=sum(if(DATEPROGRESS <=vCUTOFFDATE,PROGRESSPERC,0))"

      The problem  is that the client ask if it's posible to calculate a PROGRESS on 12 month before and put the progress caluclation in a Line chart.

      so, if for example the user selected 12-12-2012 on the x axis shoulb be

      01-12-2012, 02-12-2012, 03-12-2012,04-12-2012,05-12-2012,06-12-2012,07-12-2012,08-12-2012,09-12-2012,10-12-2012,11-12-2012,12-12-2012

      and in the expression i should calculated progrss based on the Date in the X-Axis

      is possible to do this?


      Many thanks and best regards!