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    Reading new columns from Excel

      Current Excel data source has columns for three dimensions and three measures.

      User wants to add new column(s) in Excel to add new measures.

      How would this be done in QlikView so that I don't need to make changes to QV application, when user is adding data to a new column?


      Example of current data:

      Product, Customer, Region, Qty, Profit, Price

      Prod1, Cust1, US, 5, 3.2, 6.4

      Prod1, Cust2, EU, 19, 3.5, 6.4

      Prod2, Cust1, US, 3, 0.9, 3.4

      Prod3, Cust2, EU, 14, 1.5, 8.34


      And user wants to add later i.e. Delivery costs or Discounts or what ever columns comes to his mind. And I, being lazy, want to automate it.


      Any ideas on how to do it?