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    How to create a dynamic fieldname in an expression

      Hi all,


      I want to use a dynamic fieldname in an expression, but I need some help.


      In my project I have several fieldnames like:






      The 'AA', 'BB', 'CC' en 'DD' are types of indicators and are stored in a table named 'Indication'.


      I want to build the fieldnames dynamicly so I can use them in an expression in a pivot table. So the value of the fieldname is depending on the type of indicator. The indicator is a dimension of the pivot table.


      My expression is now like this:




      It shows the correct fieldname into the column, but not the value of that field.




      How can I build this expression, that it will return the value of the fieldname into the column? I'm sure it will be something silly, but I can't see a solution at this moment.


      Thanks in advantage!