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    Parameter and empty value

    Oldrich Hlavacek


      I'm QlikView begginer. I can reload QVW with many different databases. I can set the database by command line parameter:

      "c:\Program Files\QlikView\qv.exe" /r /vDB=DB1 j:\QLIKVIEW\DEVELOPMENT\TEST.qvw


      In case the parameter is'nt set (by reload from Desktop), I can use the deafult database.


      I have this line before connect to database:

      IF (Len(Trim(DB))=0 or IsNull(DB)) THEN

        SET SetDB = 'DB0';


        SET SetDB = $(DB);



      Then I connect to SetDB database.

      But... SetDB is already set as DB0, so script don't take the value from parameter DB. Do you see some mistake? Can you help me?

      Many thanks,