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    Week Start Day

      Hi All,


      This might be a basic QV question, but figured I'd throw it out there.  Our QV is set so that Weeks start on a Monday.  Traditionally our reporting for other systems, our week starts on Sunday.  Does anyone know how I can change the QV default so that "vThisWeek" always starts on Sunday instead of Monday?



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          Stefan Wühl

          Some -- but not all -- QV date functions take as third optional argument a week (start) offset, like




          should return last sunday's date.

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              Rahul Lakhina

              However if you are trying to create a week number filed in your script you might want to try the following syntax:   Week(weekstart(Date,0,-1))  Where   Date is your date field  Regards  Rahul

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                  Stefan Wühl



                  I think your created week number would be one off compared to WeekName(Date,0,-1).


                  As there are many different ways to define week numbering, I am not saying you're wrong, just want to express that we need to take care for the different way possible.

                  Since Meghan wants a week start on Sunday, I assume she also wants a week numbering different from the one based on ISO week numbering that week() or weekname() returns.