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    Newbie if question



      As part of a script I have the following lines:


          "Location Code",

          IF ("Location Code" = 'RED' or "Location Code" ='BLUE', 'COLORED', "Location Code" ) As Location,


      The above statements are OK and work fine.

      But what if I had a number of colors, do I all need to write them out with the 'or' statement or is there a more simple way to achieve this?



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          Deepak Kurup

          HI Gerrit,



          you can also use mixmatch. below is the code


          if(MixMatch([Location Code],'RED','BLUE')>0,COLORED,[LOCATION CODE]) as Location,






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              Thanks for your helpful reply. After your reply and with the help of the reference manual I figured out that in my script 'wildmatch' probably is the shortest way.


              See 1. original script, 2. script as you suggested and 3. final solution.


              1. IF ("Location Code" = 'COR-RETOUR' or "Location Code" ='COR AANTAL', 'HEDEL', "Location Code" ) As Vestiging,


              2. if(MixMatch([Location Code],'COR-RETOUR','COR AANTAL')>0,'HEDEL',[Location Code]) as Vestiging, 


              3. if(wildmatch([Location Code],'COR*')>0,'HEDEL',[Location Code]) as Vestiging, 


              Again thanks for your help.