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    List box filter settings

      I have developed a search box for a FAQ for a project, but am having some issues with what happens when a button is selected to filter certain items. The two main issues I am experiencing are below:


      1. When a button is selected for data and it is not at the top of the list box, it will be highlighted but will not automatically move to the top of the list box. Is there a setting where when a certain categories button is selected all of it's specific options will be moved to the top of the list box?


      2. When a certain option in the list box is selected, for some reason this option and the one below it are both brought to the top of the listbox. Is there a setting to prevent this and only have the selected option move to the top?


      I've attached an example Qlikview file and associated excel spreadsheet as a resource if anyone has a way to resolve these issues.