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    Preceding months qty's



      I have a single table with the load script-






      Month(DocDate) as Month

      Year(DocDate) as Year






      I have a straight table where I need to show Sales Qty for the current month and also for the preceding 11 months. FinncPriod is a number that runs sequentially from the 1st posting period to last posting period of the current financial year. So transactions for May 2012 all have '110' as posting period in the table.


      My formula for the Qty's for current month is -

      =sum({<FinncPriod={"=Max(FinncPriod)"}>}Quantity) and it gives the correct Qty's


      My problem is the formula for the preceding months. I have tried:


      =sum({<FinncPriod={"=FinncPriod-1"},Year=,Month=,Date=>}Quantity) gives the same answer as current


      =sum({<FinncPriod={"=FinncPriod-1"},Year=,Month=>}Quantity) gives the same answer as current


      =sum({<FinncPriod={"=Max(FinncPriod)-1"},Year=,Month=,Date=>}Quantity) gives the same answer as current


      I'm attaching a copy of the model herewith.


      Any ideas how to solve this, please?







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          Nicolas Stefaniuk



          In fact you need to display for each month, the value for the month and the value for the 11 months before this month.


          You can use the chart function before() or above() if you want to calculate the sum of last 11 months only on values in graph.


          Or if you need a real moving sum, you can follow this thread http://community.qlik.com/message/229267#229267

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              Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately it's not exactly what I'm looking for. If you look at the attachment with selections Year = 2012, Month = May and FinncPriod = 111, you will see that the column with the monthname 'May' has the qty's for May 2012 underneath. These qty's are correct. In the column to the left of it (with the light red shading) I want the qty's for Apr 2012 and in the column to the left of that one, Qty's for Mar 2012 and so on.


              So I'm hoping to achieve this with set analysis without going through building a calender. One would think a set analysis





              or something similar should give me the Qty's for Apr 2012? FinncPriod after all has a unique no for all transactions in a particular month.