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    Qlikview Desktop Version 11/Server Version 9

    Charlie Zimmerman

      Anyone have a problem when they use Qlikview Desktop Version 11 with QlikView Server Version 9.  We will be updating our server to Version 11 eventually but in the meantime I need a solution to this problem. 


      We have a .qvw file that was originally developed in QV 9.  We now have QV 11 installed on our laptops.  When we open QV 11, and then go to open the .qvw file via Open In Server, most of the objects have the greyed out X through them like they have timed out or like the app has exceeded memory allocation.  When we just browse straight to the .qvw not using the Open In Server option on the Start Page, the .qvw works a little better with more object getting rendered.  Some laptops that still have QV 9 on them are able to open the same file and everything renders as it is expected to.


      Are there some compatability issues with Desktop 11 and Server 9?

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          Daniel Rozental

          You could have QV9 and QV11 desktop versions running at the same time.


          Follow these steps


          It is not possible to have multiple versions of QlikView Desktop installed, i.e. the QlikView 11 Desktop installer will overwrite a QlikView 10 Desktop installation. However, the QlikView 11 Desktop executable file can be copied to any location on the hard drive and run from there without conflicting with the installed QlikView version. In order to run multiple versions of QlikView Desktop on a single machine, please follow this procedure:

          a) Uninstall prior version

          b) Install QlikView Desktop v11

          c) Copy the QV.exe file to a new, safe location

          d) Uninstall QlikView Desktop v11

          e) Install prior version

          Following this procedure, you end up with a working version 11 QV.exe, but the operating system treats the prior version as your primary version of QlikView.