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      I have the .qvw which has 4 sheets out of which 2 sheets Conditional:hidden .....

      Can i get the ID of hidden Sheets using Macro........???

      Because i am getiing the ID of the Sheets which are not hidden ... but not  getting the ID for Hidden sheets

      I am pasting below my sample Macro code???

      Please help



      Sub Test2



      for i = 0 to ActiveDocument.NoOfSheets-1

      Set oSheet = ActiveDocument.Sheets(i)

      Set sheetProperty = oSheet.GetProperties




      End Sub

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          Eliran Sanor



          I'm not sure it's optional using macro commands alone.

          What you can do, is create a variable vShowAllSheets with a value of 1 or 0.

          In the hidden sheet apply a rule that will show the tab if the value is 1.

          In the begining of the code set this variable to be 1, and start your macro.

          At the end of your macro, set the variable to 0 thus hiding the desired sheet again.


          I hope it helps,



          Edit: I have attached an example