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    Specifying a specific ordering of values in table (part 2)

      Moving on from my previous question yesterday (Specifying a specific ordering of values in table).

      I have a column (e.g. field_A), which has 4 unique values.

      Field_A            freq (based on $)             freq (based on 1)

      -----------          ----------------                        -----------------

      Value_s                 1                                   4

      Value_x                 0                                   3

      Value_y                 3                                   7

      Value_r                 0                                    2



      I want to display this field in a straight table with a freq (which I can do) but I want to order field_A values in a specific order (not in ascending or descending) that I would like to define manually.


      I use:

      =match(Field_A, 'Value_s','Value_x','Value_y','Value_r')


      which works fine if there is no selection (i.e. the third column) but otherwise due to 0 frequencies Field_A is not always ordered depending on the selection.


      How can I have Field_A as a dimension but something like:


      {1} Field_A


      instead of just Field_A. SO that regardless of the selection, Field_A is always ordered in the:

      =match(Field_A, 'Value_s','Value_x','Value_y','Value_r')