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    Section Application: security on field that may not exist

    Or Shoham

      Dear all,

      I am trying to set up QlikView on some HR data, with the following stipulations for security:

      Each line from the time clock has data for the department the employee signed into.

      Each department manager should be able to view all data for their department.


      This has not been a problem - a simple, one-field Section Application achieved this with no problem. However, I now have a new stipulation:

      People from HR should be able to see data for all employees, including those who have not reported any actual work.


      In this situation, HR would still want to see the employee's general details (e.g. name, telephone, address, etc). However, because I am filtering based on the department line from the *actual work report*, any employee not appearing in this table (i.e. no actual work) is simply filtered out of the QVW entirely.


      Sample data:



      1Joe Smith123
      2John Doe456
      3James White789
      4Jennifer Smith555-555-5555


      Section Application;

      LOAD * INLINE [




      HRManager, *




      In this context, nobody would be able to view the details for Employee 4 (Jennifer Smith), because there is no department data associated with this employee.


      I would like to set things up so HRManager could still see data for this employee. Moving the department data to the employee table is not feasible - it needs to be the department where said employee actually worked, not the one they are normally assigned to. I can't set up a basic two-field set of permissions, because it would create a loop.


      Any ideas would be welcome.


      Thanks in advance.