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    Access Point Login

    Hardik Gandhi



      We just upgraded one of the environment from QV 10 to QV 11.


      Now when the users click on the link to open the Access Point it ask for username and password everytime in order to login in access point. Its kind of annoying for the users. This was not occuring when on QV 10. They were able to login in access point without typing in userid and password.


      How to stop this?




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          Make sure in Qvs QMC under the security tab Authentication for Clients should be Always Anonymous.

          Hope this should resolve your issue.



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              Hardik Gandhi

              Thanks. but it did not work.


              I have my setting in Qvs QMC under the security tab Authentication for Clients = Allow Anonymous. It works for some users, but not for all.




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                This happens to me when I use the external link. Ex:


                using the internal name or internal ip of the server the user/pass is not asked.


                when using qlikserver.domain.com.br/qlikview, the user is prompted with the password.


                the server is set to authenticated user. I want only the ones authenticated on our network to be able to open the reports. Anonymous seems to open to anyone.  If your server is published on internet, this may be an issue.

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                    Hi All,


                    I am also facing same kind of issue.

                    when user access report in  Ajax mode it is not asking for any credentials where when user click on IE plugin mode qlikview Login page get appear. it happens evey time and user dont want to do that every time.


                    Can any one please help on this.

                    I am using QV11 IR



                    Please help.