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    Is it possible to use varaibles in expressions to read several different fields from the script?

      Hi all,


      I've been thinking to enable users to have a single tab and to be able to get values shown in different currencies. Of course, one at a time. I've prepared the script to have, for example, three fields representing amounts, like Amount_LCY, Amount_USD, Amount_EUR and this is fine.


      Next, I've created three buttons represnting each currency and set the action to change one parameter to be used in expressions.


      Finally, on a presentation object I want to have a single column which will show amounts in one of those currencies based on the value asigned to that single parameter. Here is an example of the expression: sum(Amt$(vCY))


      I've been hoping that since QV dynamically calculcates values it will also take this into account and if the LCY button is pressed it will refreesh and show amounts in a local currency, but when the EUR button is pressed it will refresh and shopw amount converted into Euros as I have everything in the script.


      Thank you for ideas/answers.


      Best regards,